Transitioning to a New Device: Quick Start Tips and Tricks for iOS Users

There is a way to utilize Quick Start to set up a brand new iPhone or iPad by using an automatic Apple iCloud backup. The transfer will take a short amount of time, after which it could cause your device to cease to function.

To ensure that power is not interrupted ensure that both devices are completely charged during the procedure. Also, restart both devices whenever necessary.

Data Transfer Data Transfer Guide

You should make sure the person selling a second-hand iPhone, iPad, or iPod has removed all settings and content from it as well as removed its Apple ID. If you don’t, it may still be connected to the account belonging to the previous owner. This means that the apps and information could transfer onto your iPhone.

This is a straightforward process that only requires at least two iPhone devices (preferably with iOS 12.4 or greater) along with a wireless WiFi connection, an active data connection and only a few minutes to your attention. Once it’s done each device will give an estimate of how long it will take to transfer data and it’s time to start using your new iPhone. The method is able to be utilized to restore any iTunes backup.

The pre-owned Apple Device Setup

The warranty for the Apple refurb or certified used model is also extended. You must still follow some procedures to set up it for work.

Check to see if you’ve got backup copies of the initial owner’s iCloud account, including all settings and content. Request them to erase remotely the settings and contents if they have not done the task.

Follow the instructions to start the process of setting up. Quick Start transfers data and settings from one iPhone to another via Wi-Fi and cellular.

If you’re setting up an older iPhone for business use it is also possible to manually connect it to your company by using Apple Configurator. To accomplish this, click the “Prepare an enrollment device” option in Apple Configurator and select the profile configuration that has the Wi-Fi component.

iCloud Backup & Restore

When restoring data of an iCloud backup it restores the applications, images and songs in the background. This could take a few hours, perhaps even some days. Connect your device via Wi-Fi and/or mobile data during the restoration process.

You’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID during the restore process. It will be done in the Apps as well as Data page of your device. This will allow you to retrieve the old applications and purchases.

Additionally, you’ll have to pick backup. Check the dates, and choose one that precisely matches the period you want to restore. Follow the steps on screen to finish the setup process so that you are able to use your device. It might take longer for iCloud to save the app’s data than other types of files.

Fast Start Data Transfer

Quick Start is an easy option to transfer most of your content and settings from the old iPhone to a new model. But, it works only for devices that run iOS 12.4 or later.

To access Quick Start, turn on the brand new iPhone and then bring it near your old iPhone. A video will be displayed on the screen of your new iPhone, and you need to record it using the old iPhone’s camera.

Each phone should be kept in close proximity and power-connected until data transfer is complete. It takes a bit of time dependent on the volume of data transferred as well as conditions on the network. If you wish to transfer further data to the new iPhone then you could restore from an iCloud backup or use FoneTools.


After the new Mac has been set up and running, you can once it’s set up, Migration Assistant (in the menu called Utilities) to transfer files and settings to your older Mac. Both Macs have to be running the identical OS X version and be in the same Wi-Fi connection.

The possibility of transferring content can be done with an external hard drive as well as a Time Machine backup and click here for more info Within the Migration Assistant Choose the option from a different Mac (or a cloned drive) followed by the directions on the screen.

Sometimes, Migration Assistant can become stuck. This could happen when you’re running antivirus or firewall software running at the same time on two computer. It is possible to use these eight easy methods to fix the issue.

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